General Submission Guidelines
    • Word-compatible format (that means: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt BUT no PDF's, epub, Wordperfect or other formats) 
    • In the requested genres (fantasy, science fiction, and proposals how to write or market books) ONLY, since that's what we publish. All others will be rejected immediately.
    • We prefer titles that have not been self-published, that are currently agented or displayed titles (cannot have been posted on your website, for example - but see notes in submission process.)

    Please note: the $2.00 fee is not ours - it's required by Submittable as we've exceeded our allowable submissions. 

    Market: We prefer completed novel-length fiction manuscripts targeted to the adult market or the upper border of YA. No middle grade or children’s literature, please. No short story collections or non-fiction.

    Genre: We publish fresh, original, well-written and captivating stories in the realms of fantasy, paranormal fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi, urban fantasy and gentle horror. For an exceptional manuscript those boundaries may exhibit a little flexibility, but they’ll only bend so far. Do keep our genre preference in mind before you submit.

    We also publish a line of how-to-write titles. We would welcome proposals for additional genre-relevant how-to-write or how-to-market/sell type titles.

    For 2016, we'd really like some traditional fantasy rather than werewolves and vampires. Quests, dragons, good and evil!

    Length: 80,000-110,000 words.

    Format: We only accept electronic submissions in a Word or Word-compatible format. Please send the manuscript in Microsoft Word .doc (not .docx) format. It should be double spaced, with one space after a period. We prefer italics to underlines, minimal formatting (no creative ink colors or header styles, and no fancy characters as section breaks -- not even the blue chapter titles Scrivener puts in by default), in Times New Roman. The title page should include the title, your name and contact information (including your email address), and an estimated word count. Please include your name, title and page number in a single line on the header on each page. (Name / Title / #)

    Do not use fancy fonts, formatting, or text colors. Do not include graphics.

    Please separate sections with a single character such as # or * on a new line.

    Readability is our priority; we will be appreciative if it is yours, too. Bells and whistles (or in this case, fancy formatting and sparkle) will not impress us. Let your story impress us on its own merit.

    Query letter: Your query MUST include a brief one paragraph interesting synopsis of your story (your “elevator pitch”) and any relevant credits you may have. If we have requested a submission from you, please mention the context in which we did so (which conference, etc.).

    Long synopses will not be read. Please do not send a lengthy biography, artwork, testimonials from friends, family or teachers, or a marketing plan. Please do not tell us who you would cast in the movie version. Really. We need to see that you’re focused on making a strong book, first.

    Response window: You can expect to hear from us within six months - we are a small team, with lots of irons in the fire. After six months, feel free to send a polite inquiry.